Yoshi's Wooly World: Amiibo Hype

 Yoshi's Wooly World has been available for pre-order on Amazon and earlier this month we've already seen bundles packed with the new Yoshi wool amiibo go up for pre-order at Nintendo UK . The bundle that includes all three colored wool Yoshi amiibo in the Nintendo UK online shop is already sold out within days of going up, but if you're located in the UK, you still have the option to pre-order the game with a single colored amiibo.

There has been lots of hype surrounding the new knitted amiibo, and with the current scarcity of the Smash line and Mario Party amiibo in the United States, US fans and collectors are weary that the opportunity to get their hands on the newest and cutest addition to the amiibo family will be short-lived.

As for the gameplay purpose these new knitted amiibo, they specifically are for adding an extra Yoshi into the game to use as a weapon to spit at enemies. We can't really see how much value the amiibo would be until the game releases, but just having one of these brightly-colored cute Nintendo collectibles should be reason enough to grab one before they're gone.

Pre-orders for the US (as well as the rest of the world besides the UK) have not gone up yet, but we're excited to see them go up soon.