Final Fantasy Explorers Announced - Official Site Now Live

As we all heard last week, Final Fantasy Explorers has been announced (Date TBD) to release on the 3DS in Japan. A proposed multiplayer RPG, supporting up to four players,  you will be able to play with friends with the 3DS' local wireless network, or through available Wi-Fi. An ad released in Japan's Jump Magazine features four playable classes whom each play a significant role in gameplay.

Final Fantasy Explorers

Four Roles to Play

    • Knight Class - The 'tank' of the group. Geared and designed to take the bulk and brunt of the damage in battle, shielding party companions.

    • Monk Class - Serves as the melee attacker of a complete group, dealing quick physical attacks.

    • Black Mage - The primary role of the black mage is to deal powerful ranged attacks with magic.

    • White Mage - As in any Final Fantasy game, the healer of the group is the White Mage. Casting heals, shields and anything to keep the party alive.

Today marks the game's official website launch. Though information on the site is lacking (as the game is still in it's earliest development stages) it features the game's triumphant theme song composed by Sekido Takeshi, popularly known for his music  featured in The Last Remnant.

Click Here to visit the official website as we celebrate it's launch!

Hopefully we will see this game come to NA in the near future.