Nintendo Wii U Launch Price Revealed for Basic and Deluxe Sets

Reggie Fils-Aime announced today two different Wii U sets will be available at launch:  The Basic Set and The Deluxe Set.  The Basic Set will retail at $299.99 and The Deluxe Set will retail at $349.99.

The Basic Set includes:

Wii U Console (in white)
Wii U GamePad
Wii U GamePad Stylus
Censor Bar
HDMI Cable
AC Adapter
Game Pad AC Adapter
8 GB Internal Storage

The Deluxe set includes:

Wii U Console (in black)
Wii U Gamepad
Wii U Gamepad Stylus
Censor Bar
HDMI Cable
A stand for the console
A stand for the Gamepad
AC Adapter
Gamepad AC Adapter
32 GB Internal Storage
Nintendoland Video Game

Also, if Wii U is purchased at launch, players will be enrolled in the Deluxe Digital Promotion, where one will receive points with each digital download that they purchase, and those points can be used for future Nintendo titles in the Nintendo eShop.

Reggie mentioned that the Wii Remote and Nunchuks weren't included in either package because  millions of people that already own a Wii Console already own them, and these controllers, as well as most Wii accessories, can be used for Wii U.  For the people that didn't purchase a Wii during its run, Nintendo will release Wii U branded Wii Remote and Nunchuks in the coming weeks.

Nintendoland can also be purchased separately if one decides to purchase The Basic Set.  Nintendoland was first announced at E3 2012: