New Super Mario Bros U Confirmed as Wii U Launch Title (box art revealed)

Here is the Official box art of New Super Mario Bros U, which has been confirmed today to be a launch title.

The game features the New Super Mario Bros U gameplay that you know and love with new features like the Flying Squirrel Mario Power-Up and Baby Yoshi.  You will also be able to play in some game modes as your Mii Character or any Mii you have created.

The interesting gameplay mechanic that sets it apart from its predecessors is it's multiplayer mode, where one player uses the Wii U Gamepad to create blocks for the other players to reach higher places or possibly save them from falling to their doom.

This mechanic will also be used in the newly introduced Boost Rush Mode, where you are racing to beat screen moving levels as fast as possible.  When coins are collected, the screen moves faster, increasing the challenge as well as the possibility of faster times.  Using the Gamepad in this particular game mode displays an interesting dynamic as both players must work together with excellent precision to make the best times.

There's another game mode known as Challenges, where one will have to complete certain objectives.  For example, beating a stage within a certain time limit or beating a stage without ever touching the ground.  These game modes are perfect for Mario veterans.  

New Super Mario Bros U was first introduced at E3 2012: