20th Anniversary Kirby Dream Collection: Special Edition Unboxing

Kirby's Dream Collection features a variety of different games from Kirby's past, including a bunch of extras in this 20th Anniversary Special Edition package.

Enjoy games such as:                                                

Kirby's Dreamland
Kirby's Adventure
Kirby's Dreamland 2
Kirby SuperStar
Kirby's Dreamland 3
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards  

On the game disc, other than these great classic games, is a timeline of Kirby's history, displaying certain current events of that year as well as videos from Kirby's spin-off games.  Also three episodes of the Kirby anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya are available to watch as well as a special concert video of Kirby tunes.

There is also New Challenge Stages from Kirby's Return to Dream land that will test your speed run skills.

Included in this package is a Compilation Soundtrack CD with 45 tracks from a variety of Kirby games.  Two tracks are new arrangements and one is a remix exclusive to the CD.

Finally, a Celebration Book is included with 20 years of character art, development sketches, and behind-the-scenes details never seen before until now.

A full review of Kirby's Dream Collection is coming soon.