Awesome Moments in Gaming: EVO 2004 - Justin vs. Daigo

Here's an awesome moment in gaming history.  It happened at the 2004 Evolution Championship Series (EVO) pitting Daigo Umehara (playing as Ken) against Justin Wong (playing as Chun-Li) in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.  

An intense battle between the two escalated into an edge of your seat final seconds.

The Moment

What happens (starting in the video at 2:44) is that Justin goes into the ultra.  Daigo could have blocked the attacks, but because he was at low health, he would have died since getting hit while blocking still takes damage.  When you parry, no damage is taken, but you must time every single attack with exact precision, risking a hit.  Daigo parries every strike of the ultra, including Chun-Li's last move of the ultra, a high kick.  The high kick must be parried while in the air, and you see Daigo jump to accomplish the final parry (at 2:50).  He then counters with a short combo himself (beginning with a jump kick after the air parry), setting himself for his own ultra.  

Any fighting game fan would find this amazing.