Nathan Drake the Impossible
by Anthony J. Gomez

A couple of months back I made a video listing my top ten Smash Bros Wii U characters.  It was sort of a dreamlist from one video game fan to another, but even after warning people beforehand they may not agree with it, like most top ten lists, people did not agree with it.

Other than people getting angry with me about putting Mickey Mouse in the list because of his video game history or calling the Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum and not Red, the biggest complaint is that Nathan Drake could NEVER be in a Smash Bros game.  Never. 

I love that word.  Never.  It’s so easy to say, isn’t it? 

You see, when I was younger, I was living in a time where Nintendo and Sega were fighting to the death to win my gaming dollars.  My friends and I would imagine what would happen if Mario and Sonic were on the same console.  That they were in the same game.  There were skeptics.

"That’s freakin' stupid.  Sonic will never be on Nintendo."  

In the 90s, we never imagined...
We would dream of Mortal Kombat characters and Street Fighter characters fighting against each other, as those were the big fighting game franchises at the time, and although we have not received that game yet, we have received Street Fighter characters fighting Tekken characters.  Mortal Kombat characters fighting DC characters, and of course the beloved Marvel vs Capcom series.  We always thought that would never happen. 

Banjo Kazooie.  Some magazines called it better than Super Mario 64.  What an awesome platformer that will truly grow into a beloved franchise.  We thought he’d always be on Nintendo.  That the platformers would live on.  Besides, Rare and Nintendo are like best friends.  They will be awesome forever together.  Rare leaving Nintendo?  That would never happen.  That’s impossible. 

 "Sega will never stop making consoles.  Final Fantasy would never be on another system than Nintendo.  Metal Gear Solid on Nintendo, that could never happen.  Microsoft making the XBOX?  That could never work."

I even said in a video that three beloved JRPGs won’t be coming to the states while a group called Operation Rainfall believed.  Whether they had any true influence or not, they believed.  Who was I to say never?  Impossible?  That could never happen. 



Maybe Nathan Drake will never be on a Nintendo console.  In a Smash Bros game?  Why can’t I believe maybe one day Sony and Nintendo could join forces again?  Yeah, maybe he won’t be on Wii U.  Maybe he won’t be in the new Smash Bros.  But so what if I want him to be...  

...when every other time in my life I was shown that the impossible is possible.