NINTENDO GAMES on Sony Playstation and XBOX Consoles?

This is a response to something I read online.  I’m not going to call it an article because too many “articles” online are just blogs (like this one).  They’re all blogs nowadays, but that’s not the point.  The writer, if anything, brought up a good point about whether or not Nintendo will become like Sega.  Meaning, they will eventually drop out of the console race and just make games.

Recently, the Nintendo 3DS had a massive price drop.  I kind of saw this coming because the launch titles for 3DS weren’t so great.  I still tell people now I am not interested in purchasing a 3DS because it really doesn’t have must have games.  If anything, I’d just buy it for Ocarina of Time, and that’s just because I’m a huge Zelda fan, not because I actually want a 3DS. 

The fact is that something that was so highly anticipated at E3 2010 didn’t do as expected.  The writer in the article claims that this will happen with Wii U also, especially because although Wii U finally makes the jump in HD and graphics, by the time a new Sony and Microsoft console comes out, it will overshadow the Wii U again, and Nintendo will be in the same place as they were with the original Wii. 

Wii U’s graphics are only slightly better or on the same par as a PS3 and XBOX 360.  Why wouldn’t Nintendo go the extra mile?  Yes, the new controller looks cool and will definitely attract consumers that like touch screen devices, but is that the only driving force behind the machine? 

Right now, it seems to be.  If you take a step back, you will see that since Nintendo 64 that Nintendo always used a gimmick as their driving force to sell a product, and I know that’s hard to say coming from a huge Nintendo fan as myself, but it’s true.  Nintendo 64 sold most games with 64 in the title – to emphasize the game has 64 bits compared to Playstation’s 32.  Gamecube connects with Gameboy Advance, the Wii has motion controls, and now Wii U has a touch screen controller that is also, motion controlled.  If Wii U fails, which in my opinion based on sales it probably won’t, but if some reason, Nintendo’s plan to win back the hardcore audience fails, will Nintendo drop out of the console business? 

And what if they did?  They’d become like Sega.  Would that be such a bad thing?  Would it be bad playing a new Mario game on an Xbox or Mario Kart on the PSN be such a bad thing?  What about PC gamers?  Would they also be treated to the likes of Mario, Link, and Samus?  There is already pressure from investors that Nintendo sell games as downloads on smart phones, but Nintendo holds back. Is that their problem?  Their image isn’t the same as it was back in the Nintendo/Super Nintendo era.  The people that grew up with them, like myself, have grown up, and a lot of them jumped ship to XBOX and Playstation because of the kind of games on those consoles.  They appeal to an older audience.  

If Nintendo gives up on consoles one day, is that so bad?       

My response to the blog.  If you have an argument, it's best to stick behind your words.