NINTENDO Wii vs. XBOX 360 vs. PS3 - The Console War Ends 2012

XBOX 360 vs. Playstation 3 vs. Nintendo Wii  -- the current video game console wars.  I read time and time again.  PS3 is better.  XBOX 360 is better.  PS3 is better.  XBOX 360 is better.  I may need to remind you that the console wars are based on sales, which company is selling the most consoles. 

In the 90’s it was the Sega Genesis vs. Super Nintendo, and it was an intense battle that had Super Nintendo winning with 9 million more units sold. 

Late 90’s, Sony introduced it’s Playstation and surprised the gaming world with it’s awesome machine, and overshadowed Nintendo 64 and trampled over the Sega Saturn. 

The 21st Century welcomed the Gamecube and Playstation 2, and their power, especially Sony’s, overshadowed Sega’s Dreamcast even when they had a head start in the war years earlier.  Microsoft now joined the battle as a formidable opponent aside from what critics had to say about it before it was launched. 

In 2006, everyone, and I mean everyone, had to own the Wii.  It was impossible to find for months after it’s release, and now today, there are many people who don’t even like mentioning it.  I’m basing this off of my own experiences, from what my friends have said, to how I see the Wii being treated in gaming publications, like IGN and Gamespot, and comments I see from on internet forums.  They have turned their back on the Wii like it’s yesterdays news, yet in reality, it’s actually winning the console war. 

And even though it’s winning, I’ve seen time and time again that people treat it like it doesn’t exist.  Friends say the Wii was disappointing and didn’t deliver what they had hoped.  Internet forums, as well as YouTube comments, have kids and big kids, arguing over which console is better, but the Wii is rarely mentioned, and if it is, it’d be rare not to see “and the graphics suck” in the same sentence.  Gaming publications and websites, which I may make an entire video dedicated to, have totally turned their back on the Wii.  The highest rated video game last year was Super Mario Galaxy 2, but no recognition for Game of theYear.  Very reminiscent of the movie business last year with Toy Story 3.  Highest rated movie of the year, nominated for Best Picture, but would never be taken seriously as a true contender.  We talked about this before, right?  It’s for kids

Even so, aside from all of this, Nintendo is winning the console war with over 85 million units sold as of March 2011.  XBOX 360 with over 50 million.  PS3 with around 50 million.  As soon as Nintendo’s new console hits shelves next year, this console generation is over, and the new one begins.  

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?  If Nintendo wins the console wars, will people care?  Not if they’re too busy fighting over whether the 360 or PS3 is better than one another… fighting over the fact they’re both playing the same games except they use a different controller and machine to play them on. 

-- The Console Wars End in 2012
    by Anthony J. Gomez